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Cats Love My Abstract Art Mugs

Happy National Cat Day!

cats with abstract art mug by artist Rachael Grad

Thank you to Kristin for sending me this photo of little kitten Chloe being supervised by Bill the Cat as she drinks from my abstract art mug!  This is the perfect way to celebrate National Cat Day in style at home.  I'm so happy to see this sweet cat family enjoying my art mugs.  Cat Mom Kristin tagged me on Instagram with this adorable cat photo.  If you have my artwork, mugs or gifts and are happy with your purchase, please write a review on Facebook (click here to see my Facebook page) or tag me on on Instagram.  When I hear positive feedback from happy art collectors and customers, it makes my day!  And I'm always willing to repost your positive reviews and testimonials on my social media accounts. You can find me as @RachaelGradArt on InstagramFacebookTwitter, TikTok and other social media platforms.  You can read more about this Abstract Art Mug beloved by cats below, including details on the ceramic mug material, color options and more. 

Thank you, cat mom Kristin, for sharing your photo of you and your cats with my Abstract Art Mug! 

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Happy National Cat Day to all Cats and Cat Owners!

Happy National Cat Day Cats and Abstract Art Mug by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad