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Canada Day Colouring Sheet (Free Printable)

Canada day printable by Rachael grad art RCMP Mountie Canadian flag happy

Canada Day Fun

Canada Day was always fun to celebrate, even before having kids made it even more enjoyable. I lived away from Canada for many years for school and work. During that time I liked to host Canada Day parties for my Canadian and non-Canadian friends.

canada day colouring sheet mounti on a horse rcmp canadian flag rachael grad art

My love for celebrating Canada Day has passed on to my children. Now the annual party is a little more family-friendly to make it fun for my kids and their friends. A few years ago, I drew this colouring sheet of a Canadian Mountie (RCMP) on a horse holding a Canadian flag. The Rocky Mountains are in the background. 

Year after year this Canada Day colouring sheet has proven to be a hit with kids and adults alike at parties and July 1st festivities. 

Why Make Colouring Cards?

Since becoming a mom, the style and subject matter of my artwork has changed. I started painting and drawing animals and toys. The Father’s Day card was my first attempt at illustrating penguins. It's my second attempt at colouring card illustration (the first was the Mother's Day Card).

When my first child was a newborn baby, I started making paintings and artwork of animals for his room. Then I began painting the toys and stuffed animals around the house. Visit my new Art for Kids page to view examples of this artwork.

In early 2015 I began a Daily Drawing Project. Read more about this project and the process on previous blog posts including Why Draw the Elephant? Daily Drawing Project FAQ’s.