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Brain Project Sculpture Sold!

Baycrest Brain Sculpture 2020

Sold Brain project sculpture 2020 by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad I'm thrilled to announce that my original sculpture for the 2020 Yogen Früz Brain Project sold last week on the day after it was revealed I'm so grateful to the generous family who bought my artwork and is supporting Baycrest's Brain health research and efforts through their purchase. Your support and incredible generosity amazes me and I thank you. My original brain sculpture is currently on view outdoors in RBC WaterPark Place, 88 Queen’s Quay, Toronto, ON, M5J 0B8 and will be there through mid-September of 2020. So you can still see the sculpture on view in downtown Toronto this summer. You can also vote for my sculpture in the People's Choice Award (click here to vote). Please Vote Early and Vote Often as each person is allowed to vote once a day. Voting for the People's Choice Award goes on throughout the summer. A fellow Torontonian and Brandeisian saw my brain sculpture on view last weekend and sent me photos, including the one below. I'm so grateful to him, the generous buyers of my artwork and you for reading my Art Blog. 

My Brain Sculpture on view in Downtown Toronto...

Brain Sculpture on View in downtown Toronto by Canadian Artist Rachael Grad

Thank you to fellow Brandesian and Torontonian Mark S. for sending me the first sculpture installation photos!