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Coffee Art & Digital Drawing

Coffee Art & Digital Drawing Latte Face Cocoalatte Cafe Toronto Rachael Grad

Back to School... Soon (I hope)

I had big plans for the first week of school. But I had to put on hold my artworks in progress for a few days. Two kids were home sick for most of the week. 

Coffee Art & Digital Drawing Art by Rachael Grad at Cocoalatte Cafe TorontoCoffee Art & Digital Drawing Latte Face Cocoalatte Cafe Toronto

Sick Day Art at CocoaLatte 

While waiting for a doctor’s appointment, we went to our favorite local cafe: CocoaLatte on St. Clair West in Toronto.  Shown here in the photos are different forms of artwork:

  • coffee art by CocoaLatte in my latte!
  • digital drawings made with my child
  • my abstract paintings and art prints hanging on the walls

I've shown my art at CocoaLatte since 2015, regularly changing up the artwork. Below are two original abstract paintings currently on view. Hopefully, all three kids will be healthy and back in school this week. Then it'll be back to art working in my studio...
Coffee Art & Digital Drawing by Artist Rachael Grad