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Yellow Field and Peach Farmhouse, Provence, France Artwork in a Toronto Home

New Art Print Made by Request

 Yellow House, Provence, France, Ink on Metal Print, 20” x 30” art print in home rachael grad artwork

I was very excited to see my new landscape art print hanging in this lovely Toronto home! The art buyers loved my original painting, painted “en plein air” over 10 years in Provence, France. They also loved my Italy Limited Edition Art Prints on Metal. The original painting (shown below) isn’t for sale. So I came up with the idea of putting an image of the landscape painting on metal. The look of the metal art print is different than the original oil painting in a good way. The metal prints look amazing in homes and offices. Unlike paintings, the metal art prints are ideal for humid spaces including residential kitchens and bathrooms. 

Memories of Spring in Provence, France 

Painting in springtime in the south of Frame is a dream for most landscape artists. I was lucky enough to have that experience during a wonderful trip to Provence in 2008. It long before I was married with children. The paintings bring back wonderful memories and experiences that I'm unlikely to have again any time soon. Traveling around Southern France is an experience for which I feel truly grateful. On that trip I painted in the gorgeous Provence landscape every day. I also enjoyed eating delicious southern French food, tasting amazing local wines, seeing the beautiful flowers and fields in full springtime bloom and shopping in small local shops.

With 3 young kids and the cold weather in Toronto, I don’t get the chance to paint “en plein air” these days. I’m so happy to be able to offer this new landscape print option. The Toronto art buyers say that the Yellow Field and Peach Famhouse art print takes them back to their last wonderful trip to the south of France. Warm spring colors of yellows, greens, and oranges on metal brighten up their bedroom.

The Art Print Compared to the Paintings 

original landscape paintings of provence france by artist rachael grad artwork oil paintingShown here is the original landscape painting (Yellow Field and Peachl Framehouse, Provence, France) framed and hung above two smaller paintings. All three unique oil paintings were painted "en plein air" in Provence, France during the same art trip. The two smaller artworks are of lavender fields in full bloom. It was truly amazing to see, smell and paint the famous Provence lavender fields in peak season! The top painting is the artwork I used to make the metal print. The bright warm colors of the yellow field and farmhouse complement the cooler purples, blues, greens and grays of the trees, road and sky.  The shimmery effect of ink on metal is completely different than the original landscape painting. In the art print, the yellow, peach, orange and green colors look especially great on the metal print surface. Depending on how you frame a painting, a landscape can be more suitable for more traditional homes. The art print doesn't need to be framed and is a great option for contemporary or modern homes and offices. The metal artwork is easy to maintain and doesn't get damaged in humid rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. 
If you want your own Yellow Field and Peach Farmhouse, Provence, France, the Ink on Metal Print is now available for purchase in my online Art Shop in three different sizes:  20” x 30”, 16" x 24" or 8" x 12".  
Other paintings may also look just as wonderful printed on metal. If you're interested in this art print option, please contact me