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Art Collages and Prints of Italy

Blue Boats, Venice, Italy, Ink on Metal Limited Edition Print, 32' x 32' artist rachael grad

Italy Collages and Art Prints

In Italy I fell in love twice. The first time I fell in love with art. It was my first time in Europe, traveling on my own, and taking an intensive art course. The yellow sunflowers, bright blue summer sky, rolling hills of green hills, and warm reds and earth-colored buildings on the drive from Rome to Florence are still vividly clear in my memory. The second was when my husband (then boyfriend) visited me while I was studying art in Venice and we fell in love.

Yellow House, Venice, Italy, Ink on Metal Limited Edition Print, 16" x 16", 10 of 25, $180. All Rights Reserved 2019 © Rachael Grad. artistThe Italy collages and limited edition art prints are made from combining my original photography, paintings, and drawings. The photographs explore hot summer days with record breaking heat and humidity. Laundry lines drooping over Venice canals and alleys. Gondoliers taking breaks from the tedium of the crowds and tourists in high season and swimmers jumping into ice cold water off the rocks of Cinque Terre (so satisfying from the scorching summer sun). Dogs and cats roaming free in the streets and alleys.

Some photos were taken through distorted glass: ferry boat window panes, centuries old Venetian window class from a palazzo on the grand canal. The images are further blurred and changed by being printed on treated metal. Distortions in light and perception lead to the viewer to question what appears to be real and commonplace. Strange visions occur: a regular cat becomes king of the alley; two dogs stop water traffic in the canal; a lonely dog preaches to the tourists; the city melts into the canal on a hot day.

Italy remains a favorite place to visit, make art and fall in love. The colors, landscape, and architecture in Italy are incredibly inspiring for many artists. I use my photographs, drawings and paintings) to create new artwork based on my perception, memory and feeling of traveling in Italy.

old shoes art print on metal limited edition rachael grad artist

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