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Altree Developments Adds 5 Limited Edition Art Prints to Its Corporate Collection

Five Italy Series Artworks Acquired 

 ⁣2019-03-27 art blog 3 prints together venice italy print rachael grad artist Altree Developments Adds 5 Limited Edition Art Prints to Its Corporate Collection

Last month, Altree Developments in Toronto purchased five limited edition art prints from my Italy Series. I’m honoured that my artwork has been added to Altree's  corporate art collection.

The Art Prints in Altree Development's Collection 

Four of the limited edition art prints are currently hanging in the front entrance of the Altree Developments corporate head office. All four artworks installed in the office front entrance area are photographs I took in Venice, Italy and printed on metal. 

Scenes of Venice, Italy in the Front Entrance

Installing the artwork last month was the first time I saw this group of 3 artworks hung together.  Shown in the photograph above:
The two horizontal pieces and one larger vertical artwork work well together as a gallery grouping on this wall. The images of Venice also complement each other: the gondolier sitting and resting, the boats and piers on the grand canal, and the brightly colored laundry hanging on lines between colorful, old buildings. A typical Venetian bridge is behind the colorful laundry.
All three artworks include Venice canals captured in varying shades of blue, green and reflected color.
2019-03-27 art blog yellow house venice italy print rachael grad artist Altree Developments Adds 5 Limited Edition Art Prints to Its Corporate Collection

Yellow, House, Venice, Italy Artwork Beside the Main Elevator 

Beside the main elevator and directly opposite the grouping of three prints hangs Yellow House, Venice, Italy, 16" x 16", Limited Edition Ink on Metal Print. This is a popular artwork with its beautiful yellow buildings reflected in the murky green-blue canal water.
Similar to  Laundry Lines, Dorsoduro, Venice, Italy in that both artworks capture brick Venetian bridges, laundry lines and colorful old buildings reflected in the Venice canal water. In all four art prints, the cool blues, greens and grays of the canal water contrast with the bright warm yellows, browns and oranges of the aged buildings. 
4 swimmers on the rocks cinque terre italy limited edition art print on metal rachael grad artist

Photographs Taken Through Glass

An additional artwork, 4 Swimmers On The Rocks, Cinque Terre, Italy, 18" x 12", Limited Edition Prink Ink on Metal is hanging in an office. This photograph was taken through thick, ferry boat glass.  On the Grand Canal, Venice, Italy and Gondolier Resting, Venice Italy were also photographed through thick, historic Venetian window glass. 
Taking the photos through glass creates a distortion in the image photographed. The image is further distorted and blurred when printed on metal. The effect is shimmery and magical.

The Italy Series Art Prints in Offices 

All five metal art prints of Italy are perfectly fitting for corporate art. The photographs of hot summertime beach, boats, water and canals make the office environment more colorful and joyful for visitors and employees. The summer photographs resonate with anyone who has traveled to Europe and enjoyed visiting Italy. The bright, happy Limited Edition Art Prints serve as conversation starters and spark positive memories. The bright, happy colors add elegance and visual interest to any corporate office. 
Altree Developments Corporate Art Collection Artwork by Artist Rachael Grad office artwork


Some of the Limited Edition Art Prints from this Italy Series are still available for sale. Check my online Art Shop or contact me to purchase.