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Adorable Baby in my Alex Leggings

adorable baby in Alex Art leggings for babies by Artist Rachael GradAdorable baby Rachel in my Alex art leggings for babies! She looks so sweet in her black and purple Alex baby leggings, pink headband and black t-shirt.  Baby Rachel is wearing my black and purple abstract art leggings. You can read more about these Alex baby leggings below. If you're happy with your art or gift purchase from me, please write a review on Facebook (click here to see my Facebook page) or tag me on Instagram. It makes my day to hear that art collectors and customers are happy with my art and gifts! I'm always happy to share your positive reviews and testimonials on my social media accounts and here on my Art Blog. So feel free to contact me or tag my social media accounts (@RachaelGradArt on InstagramFacebook and Twitter) if you want me to reshare your photos.

Thank you, Pat, for sharing this great photograph of baby Rachel falling asleep in my Alex leggings on Instagram!

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