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Abstract Painting Commission

Brand New Large Abstract Art Commission

commissioned abstract painting by Toronto artist Rachael GradI'm happy to share these large paintings commissioned for a Toronto home. All of the large abstract art commissions are for the living room in the newly redecorated house. The large square painting measures 48' x 48" and the rectangle artwork shown below measures 42" x 84" (that's 7 foot long!).  It's been a while since I've worked on paintings as large as 7 feet.  Being mostly at home with my family since March, I've been creating art at home and choosing to work smaller on my own artwork series. This large painting commission gave me the opportunity to work on big, bold abstract art. Once the paintings are framed and installed in the room, I'll share photos of the beautiful living room decor with my original artwork.  You can check back on this Art Blog to see the art and room photos as well as read news of new artwork, gifts and upcoming Toronto art events. To get news first about my art and events, sign up for my VIP Art List (click here to sign up now). 

Find out more about commissioning original artwork for your home on this page, which details my art commission process (click here to read more about Toronto original art commissions). 

large abstract paintings commissioned from Toronto Artist Rachael 84' x 42"

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Art you interested in Commissioning Large Abstract Art for your Home? Find out more about Toronto art commissions from Toronto Artist Rachael Grad here.

Abstract Painting Commissions by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad