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New Colorful Abstract Interior Art

new colorful abstract interior art painting prints by artist rachael grad

New Abstract Interior Art Print Now Available

This colorful abstract interior artwork is now available as an art print! I painted the original painting shown below during wintertime in 2019. Observing the interior dining and living room with beautiful winter light, I added layers of paint color to the wood panel over multiple painting sessions.

The abstract interior art print captures the bright, vivid colors of the multicolored original painting. The shiny, durable acrylic material is ideal for any room including humid kitchens and bathrooms. The high gloss art print surface also highlights the bold brushstrokes and bright colors fo this abstracted interior. 

Keep reading to learn more about the inspiration and process for this abstract interior painting that's now available as an art print.


Abstract Interior Art to Add Color to Your Home

Hanging a colorful artwork in your home or office livens up the look and feel of the space. Colors already in the room are enhanced by the additional of a colorful artwork.

This abstract interior artwork has gorgeous blue, yellow, orange and green colors in varying shades. Both the painting and the art print add color to a neutral, grey room like the living room shown above. The artwork picks up the warm brown floor color and the hot orange and cool grey pillow cushion colors.