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5 Decorator's Tools for Storing & Hiding Toys

When you have kids, keeping your home clean and organized can be a huge challenge. Toy messiness is especially hard to contain and keep under control.

Do you want to keep your kid's toy mess in check? Below are 5 Decorator's Tools for Storing & Hiding Toys. These 5 quick tips will help you to better organize your child's toys. You can instantly download the free PDF on "5 Tools for Organizing Tools" by signing up here....


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Decorator's Tools: Furniture & Storage Products for Organizing Toys

  1. Furniture with Hidden Storage: Coffee tables, benches, chairs, and beds with built-in storage can serve a double-purpose. These great furniture pieces let you hide books, games, and toys. Just remember where you store your child's favorite toys and games.
  2. Collapsible Fabric Bins: These storage bins can serve you for a long time because they are adaptable for many different items. Collapsible fabric bins can be easily folded and stored for future use. You can put them to use for many items like clothing, tools, etc.
  3. Clear Plastic Containers: These containers are my favorite way to keep small toy parts together. Clean plastic containers are especially useful for toys like lego, puzzle, and arts and crafts. They are very practical for keeping track of beads and other small crafts!.
  4. Labels: Use labels on bins and containers, even clear containers. This allows you to know what's inside your containers without having to open and sort through each one. Labels look nice on a neat stack of containers.
  5. Bookshelves with Storage Bins: Sturdy bookshelves and floating wallshelves look great and work well to store and showcase small toys and books.

Here's a bonus organizing tool for kids' stuff: Wall Hooks!

Wall hooks are a great way to keep items clean and off the floor. Think about what clothing, soft fabric toys or blankets you can be stored by hanging up on hooks.

Have you tried any of these organizing tips in your home? Which work best for you?

Keeping your home clean and organized  should be easier with these decorator's tools for hiding and storing toys. Do you want more organizing and decorating tips? Check out these posts on home decor with kids...

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