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Dog Days of Summer: 2 Dogs Swimming in Venice, Italy

Dogs Swimming Venice Italy Art Print by Artist Rachael Grad

Studying Art Italy in Summer

Summer is the time of year when I dream of travel in Italy. I like to say that I fell in love twice: with art on my first trip to Italy. And with my husband when he visited me during my second summer at NYU in Venice, Italy. 

At the end of August during these last "dog days of summer," I'm reminiscing about my time studying art, falling in love, and photographing dogs in Italy. 

Keep reading to learn how I fell in love with art, my husband and the dogs of Italy.

Falling in Love with Art in Italy

The first time I visited Italy I fell in love with art and painting. In high school, I completed my OAC (Ontario Academic Credit) in Art in Siena, Italy. That high school art trip was my first time away in Europe and on a trip without my parents! 

I still vividly remember the bus ride from the Rome airport to Siena. All the other students and teachers were sleeping, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the landscape outside: sunflower fields, rolling green hills and bright blue sky.

I spent a month painting the gorgeous Italian landscape, visiting artwork I'd previously studied from art history books, sampling amazing Italian food and wine. Since that amazing art trip, I've been obsessed with Italian culture, food, wine and painting. 

Studying Art in Italy

Before having kids, I studied art in different Italian cities and towns: drawing in Orvieto, painting in Gaeta (near Naples) and two summers with NYU in Venice, Italy. During my second summer with NYU Master's of Studio Art in Venice, Italy, my husband (then boyfriend) came to visit me. We met in Rome for the weekend and then went back to Venice for a few days (while I had classes). 

Italy is where we fell in love. 

Photographing Dogs In Venice, Italy

Dog Days of Summer Venice Italy Art Print by Artist Rachael Grad

So what did I notice? The dogs and cats that freely roamed the streets and alleys of Venice, Italy.

Dogs in Venice, Italy Artwork 

I was lucky enough to visit Venice, Italy three times. Over two summers I lived and studied art in Venice, Italy. Every evening I saw these two large dogs (golden retrievers or labradors) on their daily walk along the Giudecca Canal in Dorsoduro, Venice.

This particular evening when I captured these two photographs was very hot and humid. The two dogs ran off-lease and jumped into the canal water for a refreshing swim!  

Behind the two dogs taking a swim on a hot summer evening in the Giudiecca Canal, Venice, Italy, a Venice vaporetto boat is pulling away in the lapping blue-gray water. The row of colorful historic buildings of Giudecca Island in Venice, Italy are seen in the background. 

These animal artworks are beautiful for the homes and offices of travel lovers and anyone who loves Italy and Venice. 
These animal art prints look great installed in the same room. 

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Happy National Dog Day 

Happy National Dog Day with painting by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad

Or is it Happy International Dog Day on August 26th?

Happy International Dog Day with painting by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad