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11 Years Since I Quit Law To Go To Art School

Thank You, New York Studio School by Artist Rachael Grad Pencil on Drawing

Thank You, New York Studio School

This month marks 11 years that I quit practicing law to go to art school full-time. If it weren’t for the merit scholarship at the New York Studio School, I wouldn’t have had the confidence or resources to quit my legal career.

Quitting Law to go to Art School by Artist Rachael Grad

Going from Law to Art and Writing

That decision to go to art school was such a terrifying move. When I decided to quit law, I started editing and writing for Apartment Therapy. My interior photography at the time needed a lot (and I mean A LOT) of work. I really enjoyed learning about photography and blogging from Maxwell Ryan and his Apartment Therapy staff. 

Through working at Apartment Therapy, I met interesting interior designers, writers and artists. I was able to attend and cover amazing events like Art Basel Miami and the Toronto Interior Design Show.  

Having the NYSS scholarship and the regular AT editing/writing gig was a huge confidence boost and really helped me to delve into art full-time. I loved living, studying and working in DC and New York.

Quitting Law For Art School by Artist Rachael Grad New York Studio School Pencil on Sketchbook drawing


Missing Living in NYC and Washington, DC

Almost daily I miss living in Washington, DC and NYC. Mostly I miss the amazing friends I made while living there (and with whom I'm terrible at keeping in touch). My lawyer and artist community in both cities was large, active and so much fun. 

Of course, as an artist I also miss the fantastic artwork, art galleries and museums in both DC and NYC that we just don’t have here in Toronto (Vermeers, Rembrandt’s, Monets, etc. that you can see for free any day). 

On Leaving Law for Art School by Artist Rachael Grad

Great to Be Back Home in Canada

My life has changed a lot (husband and 3 kids) and now I’m happy to be back home in Toronto near so many family and friends. Seriously, living near family when you have young kids is the best (and not just for the free babysitting)!  
I can’t remember where I pick up this New York Studio School pencil shown on my sketchbook drawing. I recently found it and started drawing with it. As you can see, the New York Studio School pencil is being put to good use.