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10 Ways to Make Your Child's Bedroom Decor Unique & Special

Tired of cookie-cutter decor for kids? Do you want fun and unique features for your child's room? Here are fun and easy ways to make your child's bedroom decor unique, special, and catered to them! These 10 ideas will help you can change your kids' bedroom decor to reflect their personalities.

I'm guessing you don't want your kids' rooms to look the same as all their friends' room. While catalogues are beautiful, you want your children's interests reflected in their rooms. These decorating tips are meant for the bedrooms of younger kids and toddlers.

10 ways to make children's bedroom decor unique and special

Here are 10 Ways to Make Your Child's Bedroom Decor Unique & Special

1. Theme

  • When thinking about transitioning your toddler to a "big kid bed" and room, start with picking a decor great theme. The decor - and all your hard work - will likely last longer if you choose a general theme.
  • Theme Examples: Toddlers love animals, vehicles, and fairytales or other stories.
  • Make it Broad: You probably want to choose something that can grow with your child so that you're not having to redecorate with each new phase, TV show, or theme that your child gets into as she grows.  Try not to go with anything too customized like a specific cartoon character. Your child is likely to move on from that cartoon as soon as the room is done! You can personalize the theme with some of the accents below, including wall decals, original artwork, and maps. Pillows, bedding, and small accent pieces of furniture can also be customized.

2. Wall Decals

  • Enhance the Theme: Once you have your theme, wall decals are a fun way to highlight the theme or add to it. These removable stickers are fun for you and your kids to move around. Decals allow you to more easily change themes as your child's interests evolves. You can easily find reasonably priced wall decals online or in any store that sells kids' stuff.
  • No Fear of Commitment: Many parents are scared of committing to larger, more expensive decor items like artwork. Wall decals are a great way to try out bold patterns and design for minimal cost. Using wall decals you can be bold in your kid's room design without having to permanently change the wall colours or anything about the room.

3. Recycled or Repurposed Furniture and Products

  • Share History: Incorporate repurposed products or furniture into your children's room. This is a great way to teach your kids about family history, if the item is from someone in your family.
  • Teach Environmental Concerns: Explaining the history of the item and how you reused the item to your child teaches her about green-living and awareness of environmental issues.
  • Add Colour: One fun way to make a bold decor statement is to paint pieces of older furniture in a bright colour. This can be a chest of drawers, accent table, or bookshelf. The photo shown here is an old bookcase painted in a bright turquoise colour.

turquoise bookshelf in kids room photo by artist rachael grad children decor bedroom


4. Family Photos

  • Encourage Sibling Love: Use family photos in a creative way in your childrens' rooms. For families with multiple siblings, a lovely way to encourage brotherly and sisterly love to is to hang photos of siblings in each child's room. If your kids fight (and whose kids don't?!), photos of happy moments remind your kids that they love each other, even when they tease each other and squabble.
  • Explore Feelings & Emotions: Another fun idea is to hang a series of photographs of  your child in different moods. A super sweet ideas is framing a set of photos of your child expressing moods like happiness, sadness, surprise, confusion, etc. Toddlers love to see themselves and their own different facial expressions.

5. Creative Space

  • Let Kids Make A Mess: Give your kids space to make artwork and make a bit of a creative mess. Even in a small room you can include a chalkboard wall, desk and chair, or a small art easel.
  • Minimize Damage: If you're worried about damage to the room, only allow erasable and washable materials in this area. Chalk and playdo are easy to clean and super fun for kids to play with and experiment.

6. Great Artwork for Kids

  • Art Appreciation: Hanging great, original artwork in your child's bedroom is an obvious way to make the decor unique and special. Showcasing one-of-kind art is a wonderful way to teach children the value of art and to appreciate artwork early on in life.
  • Teach Values: Many parents are scared about their kids ruining valuable artwork. However, making original art part of your kid's room decor will teach them to respect and care for valuable, meaningful possessions.
  • Unique or Personalized Artwork: As an artist who mainly makes one-of-kind pieces, I always suggest having unique artwork for your kids' walls. Personalized prints are another fun options for kids, especially prints made with your child's name.
Kids Room wall map and crib decor Rachael Grad Fine Art Photography

7. Map

  • Learn Geography: Include a map of the world, your country, city, neighborhood, or public transportation system to give your child context of where you live in the world. Living with a map also allows kids to learn about geography.
  • An added bonus is that maps are beautiful and educational.

8. Secret Hiding Space

  • Make Your Kids Dream Come True: Most kids dream of having a secret hiding spot right in their room! You can add a secret door, closet, or even a tiny little hidden storage space.
  • Replacing a sliding or barn door with a rolling bookshelf is one way to create the illusion of a secret room.
  • An extra closet can be turned into a study or reading space.

9. Room within a room

  • If there's no room for a secret hiding space, try a room within a room. This can be a tent, closed-off corner or reading nook. The idea is to create a space where kids can relax, read, and sometimes even hide! Just remember about the space when you're playing hide and seek.
  • Great for Shared Rooms: Having a room within a room is a great option if your children share a room. The closed off space gives your kids some breathing room and a little bit of privacy.

10. Fun light fixtures

  • Brightly coloured or kid-friendly night lights, lamps, and ceiling lights accent the kids' room in a fun and interesting way. Toddlers love light fixtures with bright designs or that are shaped like animals or vehicles.

These furniture, product, art and layout ideas are meant to spark your creative decor juices. Of course you want to tailor the specific accents for each individual child. I'll be delving into some of these ideas in more details soon so stay tuned and sign up for my monthly Email Newsletter so you don't miss anything!

Would any of these decor tips work for your child's room? What ideas would you want to try in your son's or daughter's rooms? Please share your projects, suggestions and inspiration with me!

kids room decor 10 ways to make your child's bedroom unique and special rachael grad art photography