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Abstract Toy Elephant Painting by Toronto Artist Rachael Grad

Painting - Mommy Mayhem: Toy Elephant Cross-Legged

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Mommy Mayhem: Toy Elephant Cross-Legged, Acrylic on Canvas, 18" x 24", 2021

This abstract painting of a seated toy elephant has red yellow, purple, green, black, white, and blue multicolors. My abstracted elephant paintings are based on loose, gestural sketches of the same stuffed toy elephant in different positions. I have painted and sketched this particular stuffed animal from life on many occasions so am familiar with its shapes and forms. I initially paint the forms of the toy elephant, then push the image further into abstraction. In the painting process. I work to alter the forms, light, colour saturation, and depth of space in the paintings. 

The fast-drying acrylic paint allowed me to build up thin layers and texture, and make adjustments more quickly than I would be able to with oils. Over multiple painting sessions I worked to create variety in the shapes, lines, planes and spatial depth. The bright and fun colours come from the overwhelming children’s toys that fill my home.

The original painting is signed on the back and was painted in 2021. 
Please note that the writing is for web purposes only and is not on the actual painting.This original painting ships directly from my art studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

A Quick Video of this Abstracted Cross-Legged Toy Elephant Painting