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Dot S 36, Acrylic Painting on Cradled Wood Panel, 24" x 18" x 0.8" Rachael Grad art

Painting - Dot S 36

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This Dot Series painting measures 24 x 18 x 0.8 inches and was painted with thin acrylic paint brushstrokes on wooden board.

Lots of layers of glazes and colors in this original painting including yellow, green, blue, pink, white, orange, and purple. 

These paintings take lots of time and many sessions because of the slow layering process. Working this way on a large scale was very different from my usual small Dot Series panels, which can be as small as 4” x 4”. 

Dot Series Paintings

The Dot Series is about color and meditation. The paintings in this series take many months, sometimes years to complete because of the slow process of layering thin acrylic paint brushstrokes and glazes on board panels. Each panel is a different experiment in color combinations. One small brushstroke can change the look of an entire painting. In session after session I add glazes and colors until the combination moves and sings.

This careful, deliberate painting process forces me to slow down, focus, and consider each mark made. I find the relaxed painting pace puts me in a meditative and calm state, even while the colors used are bright, lively and exciting. While the process attempts at control, the resulting brushstrokes are messy and imperfect. These art pieces start in the small range from small 4” x 4” gessobords up to medium clay boards and large 3’ x 3’ wood panels.